Creative Innovation Summit 2012. International Conference on Innovation and Growth

The ›Creative Innovation Summit‹ is an international conference on creativity, innovation and growth, held by the ›Thüringer Agentur for the creative industries‹ on behalf of the Thuringian Ministry of Economy, Labour and Technology. The first event took place in Weimar › Germany on June 11th & 12th, 2012.

Documentation 2012

On 11 and 12 June 2012, Wei­mar was host to a spe­cia­list sum­mit fun­ded by Thu­rin­gia’s Mi­nis­try of Eco­no­mics, La­bour and Tech­no­lo­gy. Over two fa­sci­na­ting days, prac­ti­tio­ners and theo­rists in the field of crea­ti­ve in­dus­tries dis­cus­sed how crea­ti­ve pro­ducts cont­ri­bu­te to in­no­va­ti­on and growth in busi­ness and in so­cie­ty, and how this func­tion of the crea­ti­ve in­dus­tries can be en­cou­ra­ged.

A num­ber of pro­mi­nent ex­perts from the in­ter­na­tio­nal aca­de­mic and busi­ness worlds were pre­sent, in­clu­ding keyno­te spea­kers Ste­phan Scham­bach, co-foun­der of In­ter­shop, and B. Jo­seph Pine II, aut­hor of the best­sel­ling ›The Ex­pe­ri­ence Eco­no­my‹.

Opening speech

by Thu­rin­gia’s Mi­nis­ter for Eco­no­mics, La­bour and Tech­no­lo­gy Mat­thi­as Mach­nig

11 June 2012

After the opening speech by Thu­rin­gia’s Mi­nis­ter for Eco­no­mics, La­bour and Tech­no­lo­gy Mat­thi­as Mach­nig the first day of the Crea­ti­ve In­no­va­ti­on Sum­mit star­ted with pre­sen­ta­ti­ons and work­shops. High­lights were the talk given by Hasan Bakhshi, re­now­ned Bri­tish ex­pert on the crea­ti­ve in­dus­tries, and the main pre­sen­ta­ti­on by pioneer B. Jo­seph Pine II. 

Opening & Wel­co­me

  • Dirk Kie­fer, ThAK
  • Mi­nis­ter Mat­thi­as Mach­nig: Crea­ti­vi­ty. In­no­va­ti­on. Growth.

Keyno­te Ste­phan Scham­bach

What a crea­ti­ve busi­ness re­al­ly means

Ex­pert Talks and Panel

Crea­ting value – crea­ti­vi­ty as a sour­ce of busi­ness value

  • Hasan Bakhshi: Con­nec­tivi­ty – emer­gent di­rec­tions in crea­ti­ve in­dus­tries po­li­cy
  • Gio­van­ni Schi­uma: Crea­ti­vi­ty – a new busi­ness pa­ra­digm
  • Jutta Emes: Crea­ti­ve busi­ness mo­dels

Main Con­fe­rence Talk B. Jo­seph Pine II

Ex­pe­ri­ence in­no­va­ti­on on the di­gi­tal fron­tier

Work­shop Crea­ti­ve In­no­va­ti­on

En­tre­pre­neurship, crea­ti­vi­ty and tech­no­lo­gy

Hosted by: In­ter­net & Ge­sell­schaft Co:lla­bo­ra­to­ry

Keyno­te II Phil­ipp Kar­mi­res

Dri­ving in­no­va­ti­on and en­tre­pre­neurship – Goog­le’s re­cent eco­no­mic im­pact study

In­no­va­ti­on In­sights

10 mi­nu­tes for the next 10 years – How crea­ti­ve ideas are shaping our fu­ture

  • 3M: Pro­ducts
  • Goog­le: Ser­vices
  • Tower­byte eG: Mar­kets

12 June 2012

The se­cond day of the sum­mit began with a dis­cus­sion panel on Crea­ti­on and In­no­va­ti­on along the Value Chain. Ano­ther high­light was the talk by Karl­heinz Bran­den­burg, the in­ven­tor and de­ve­l­oper of the mp3 and mpeg. Ro­nald van den Hoff pre­sen­ted Seat­s2­meet, his ver­si­on of net­wor­ked crea­ti­vi­ty which has been up and run­ning well for some time now as pro­bab­ly the most ca­re­ful­ly thought-out and pu­rest co-working space in the world. Af­ter­wards around 20 in­no­va­ti­ve start-up pro­jects and high-growth en­t­er­pri­ses had just three mi­nu­tes to pre­sent their fu­ture plans at the 9. Thü­rin­ger Ele­va­tor Pitch.


Crea­ti­on and in­no­va­ti­on along the value chain

Chai­red by Chris Bil­ton

  • Karl­heinz Bran­den­burg: Tech­no­lo­gy ad­op­ti­on and the les­sons of mp3
  • Chris Pe­ters: 55.000 crea­ti­ve minds – De­sign Thin­king at SAP
  • Ro­nald van den Hoff: Net­wor­ked crea­ti­vi­ty

Thü­rin­ger Ele­va­tor Pitch

The grand Mer­kers show mine was the spec­ta­cu­lar set­ting for the 9. Thü­rin­ger Ele­va­tor Pitch 2012 as around 20 in­no­va­ti­ve start-up pro­jects and high-growth en­t­er­pri­ses had just three mi­nu­tes to pre­sent their fu­ture plans.