Creative Innovation Summit 2013. International Conference on Innovation and Growth

With overwhelming popularity and 270 participants, the international conference congregated thought leaders and pioneers of a new ›Digital Bauhaus‹ in Weimar on June 3 2013. Inspirational lectures by renowned experts will lead to vigorous panel discussions. Collaborative workshops opened up new perspectives for all participants and their respective companies in the field of incorporating creative with technological innovations. The keynote speeches by Michael Conrad [Berlin School of Creative Leadership], Gunter Dueck and Jeremy Rifkin were ideally be supplemented by highly topical workshops on the themes industrial apps, solving innovation problems and the all new Webble technology. The conference language was English with simultaneous translation in German.

    Michael Conrad
    [School of Creative Leadership]
    Gunter Dueck
    [»Innovation and Its Enemies«]
    Jeremy Rifkin
    [»The Third Industrial Revolution«]

Digital Bauhaus PANEL »

Digital Bauhaus WORKSHOPS »
    Industrial Apps
    Webble Technology

10th Thuringian Elevator Pitch
The pre-industrial technical monument Tobiashammer is the location of the 10th Thuringian Elevator Pitch. Innovative start-up and high-growth companies present their business concepts and ideas to international decision makers, managing directors and media representatives.

Conference Venue
congress centrum neue weimarhalle

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